Experience Level: Expert

First of all, please make homework portal sure that you completely read this description before sending a proposal.

We’re a old company in the web hosting industry looking for talented individuals who have the the will power, motivation and persuasion skills to sell a service online. We are a month-to-month server provider specializing in dedicated and virtual private servers.

We are at the moment looking for someone who can sell our service to as many clients as possible within the specified time frame. We are looking for someone self-motivated and visionary who likes to pay attention to detail and has a keen sense of understanding of who could potentially be clients in this competitive world for us.

We are obviously excited to tell you anything you need to know for this job, and are willing to help you out in any way.

We have a strict time frame. This job will only be awarded in March and we will give you a time frame of one month to reach your specified goal.

We need more than one person for this job.

What we are looking for in you is the passion to complete your tasks in time, and with the quality we are looking for.

Also, you need to find quality clients, someone who is genuinely in need of the service. You cannot pick up clients who will pay for the first month, and leave.

If you have a résumé or CV, great! Send it in!

In your proposal, you should define money can’t buy happiness essay a FIXED PRICE and specify how many clients you can successfully sell the service to in one month.

We are looking forward to your great proposals and unparalleled talent! Send us a compelling proposal and we’ll make sure we consider you. If you are good at what you do, we will certainly consider you for future work.

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